How to Enjoy a Post-Surf Beer


You’ve dragged your limp, weary body from the ocean after surfing the best waves of your life (well, at least until tomorrow). Your arms are so tired you can barely lift your board. Your legs are cramping from lack of nourishment.

It’s time for refreshments. A little post-surf pick-me-up… Beer! But not just any old beer will do. No. You need real beer, with a delicious, complex flavor, brewed with love right there on the beach.

As you stagger across the sand to El Vaquero Brew Pub at WRSC, ignore any distractions. Don’t concern yourself with the sunbathers surrounding you; you’re on a mission. Ignore the Corona sign next door telling you to “find your beach.” You don’t need help finding your beach. You’ve found it. Now, find your barstool.

Once you’ve bellied up, it’s time to make a tough decision. Which handcrafted, delicious beer will you enjoy first? You’re stuck between a rock and hard place. Do you order the crisp and flavorful Witch’s Rock Pale Ale? Or, do you indulge in the rich and satisfying Gato Malo Brown Ale? Maybe, you’re feeling bold enough to try the new Witchs Rock IPA. There are no wrong answers here.

Can’t decide? Go ahead and order all three. Hey, you’re on vacation, right? Post surf hydration is critical. Then comes the hardest part: waiting for your barkeep to fill the glasses. You watch in dire anticipation as he tilts a frosty, chilled glass under the tap. Each pour is scientific in its execution. Your fingers shake with glee as you reach for your glass, so cold it stings your fingers. The first sip pairs perfectly with the thin film of salt on your upper lip, creating a heavenly concoction of flavor. The medium-bodied balance of the Witch’s Rock Pale Ale is like a refreshing breeze through your soul, while the malty taste of the Gato Malo Brown Ale rewards your hard work, and finally, the hints of tropical citrus in the Witch’s Rock IPA send you into a beer-lover’s post-surf euphoria. Now sit back and enjoy your bliss. Repeat daily for optimum happiness.



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