‘Ollie’s Point’ – A Poem by Zach Friedman

*A poem I wrote after our venture to Ollie’s. I’ve been coming with my dad to WRSC since 2007.

Nameless rider at the famed Ollie’s Pt.


-Ollie’s Point-

A pointed swell in my direction
Here comes a wave, no time to reflect
One paddle. Two Paddle. Three Paddle. Drop.
My mind is blank; I’m not my feet
A moving mountain, far from the peak

I see the line emerge before me:
An Oasis admits a desert trek
The walls come quickly, crashing closer
I duck my head and bend my neck

An oceanic eclipse blocks out the sun
‘Yahoo’ echoes through the forest:
My playful dance is done

As I beach, board in hand
Merely a child and father searching, surfing
Living life amidst the sand

-Zach Friedman-


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