Robert August Surfboard Giveaway: All Bookings between Dec. 1 – Dec. 31

Here we go again…



In case you haven’t heard, we’ve decided to give away another custom, hand-shaped Robert August surfboard this month. Every person who books a Surf Package in the month of december will have their names entered in a drawing to win a surfboard shaped by Mr. Endless Summer.

Winning a surfboard like this will make you very, very happy. There are few things in the world of surfing that are as easily recognizable and respected as a classic Robert August surfboard, and once you ride it you’ll understand exactly why that is.

Just ask Matt Linnevers, winner of of the November drawing. Upon finding out that his name was selected, he sent us this:




Yep, winning a new surfboard does indeed make you feel pretty dang good. …

The drawing for this surfboard will take place on Tuesday, January 7. Contact us and get your surf packages booked so that your name or names can be entered. We’ll be making the announcement the following day, January 8.

You can look news of the lucky winner on:


Pura Vida!

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