Sharing our love of beer at the 3rd Annual Craft Beer Festival, San Jose

WR Pale Ale


This Saturday, April 5th, Costa Rica will explore the vast world of beer at the 3rd annual Craft Beer Festival at Avenida Escazu . With brewers traveling from all over the country to participate in the event, we at Volcano Brewing Company in Tamarindo couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to share our unique blends.

The festival will feature more than 32 craft beers developed with style and imagination available for attendees to sample and enjoy. This event is a unique opportunity for attendees to taste the craft beers of Costa Rica and meet the brewers who are putting Costa Rica on the map.

So what is craft beer exactly? Luis Arce, president of the Costa Rican Craft Brewers Association, explains that craft beer “is a beer produced on a small scale that uses 100% all-natural ingredients, with a focus on intense aromas and flavors to give a gourmet experience to the palate…” Sounds like one of our nutty Gato Malo Dark Ales or our crisp, Witch’s Rock Pale Ale.

So if you are in the country and are looking for a mouth-watering experience this weekend, come out and visit the VBC party in the San Jose area.  Pura Birra I mean Vida :-)

Please see: for tickets.

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