Switchfoot Concert in San Jose, Costa Rica – Friday, September 10th

The surf is pretty small, and although it will hopefully be a little bigger this afternoon and tomorrow, by Sunday its probably going to only be about waist high. So…. with small surf… one considers what else one might want to spend one’s time doing. I’ve got a suggestion.

Check out the band Switchfoot Friday, September 10th at Torre Gecko in San Jose, Costa Rica. You can buy tickets online at www.todoticketcr.com. If you haven’t heard of Switchfoot before, they are a multi-platinum band from San Diego, California. I went to college with Chad Butler and brothers John and Tim Foreman, the founding members. We all surfed Blacks Beach and Chad and I surfed on the UCSD Surf Team together. Switchfoot is SURF ROCK all the way, and not to mention they are really good guys.

Here is a song off of Switchfoot’s new album titled “Hello Hurricane”, the song is called “The Sound”, and the guy killing it is San Diego’s Sean Mattison on one of his Von Sol Surfboards.

WHAT: Switchfoot concert
WHERE: Torre Gecko, Heredia, Costa Rica
WHEN: Friday, September 10, 2010
HOW: www.todoticketcr.com

see you at the show,
Joe Walsh

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