The best Mai Tai in the world

Hello world! I’m Valerie, Joe’s assistant. After reading this post’s title, you might be thinking “Mmmm, I like Mai Tais” Or… “I bet this post is about the bar at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp”. But no… today I am writing about my new 8’6″ Stewart pintail “Mai Tai” longboard from Boardworks. I swear it’s the sweeeeetest board in the world!

It was like Christmas around here last week when Larry got back from San Diego with three new longboards in tow. Joe and I were like kids on Christmas morning unwrapping our brand new presents. The restaurant and bar patrons seemed to enjoy watching us unpack and admire our new toys as well. So fun! But not as fun as being out on the water this afternoon – surfing great waves with great people on a great board… I’m super stoked!

Joe got two amazing new Stewart longboards, both 9’0″, beautifully shaped and manufactured and ready to be enjoyed as part of our growing quiver of great boards. We’re working hard to diversify our board offerings for our tour guests and we’re excited to be adding some of the Boardworks line. We’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we do! Sorry, my Mai Tai doesn’t join the WRSC quiver though – she’s right at home with me :)

Hey – about this for an idea? You tell us what kind of board you want to ride on your next trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and if we don’t have it we’ll buy it, have it shipped to you, then you can bring it down and be the FIRST to ride it!


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