The Hype Around Costa Rican Coffee

My favorite time of day in Costa Rica is the morning. Nothing quite compares to rising just before the sun, throwing on some board shorts, pouring yourself a fresh cup of joe, and checking the surf. I like to think of coffee as my surf fuel.

It helps that Costa Rica has some of the best coffee in the world. Here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, we showcase that. Our Dawn Patrol Coffee & Bakery is one of the first businesses in Tamarindo to open as early as possible, to cater to those surfers seeking the first light waves! We serve some of the freshest coffee and baked organic goods around town. And, even when we have some rolling blackouts, our generators always make sure our coffee is hot.

But why exactly is Costa Rican Coffee so good? What makes our beans so robust with flavor that they are borderline addictive? Here are three reasons why Costa Rican Coffee is the best in the world.

1. Our Environment

The perfect cup of coffee starts with the land where the beans are grown. Arabica Coffee plants are delicate and require a certain climate in order to thrive. In our case, we are particularly lucky. Costa Rica’s inland mountainous regions provide the perfect climate for coffee growers. Mild temperatures, plenty of rainfall, and high altitudes are key to good coffee. Furthermore, our soil in Costa Rica is particularly fertile because it is uniquely enriched by volcanic ash.
There are 8 coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, and WRSC is located in one of them! From North to South, they are Guanacaste, Valle Occidental, Tres Rios, Valle Central, Tarrazú, Turrialba, Orosi, Turrialba, and Branca.

2. Hand-Picked Beans

Most Costa Rican coffee growers opt to do things the traditional way and pick their beans by hand, opposed to the more mechanical mass harvest picking that many growers do all over the world. There are lots of benefits to hand picking, but the bottom line is, each plant is different and matures in a different amount of time. Picking by hand ensures that all the beans are picked when they are perfectly ripe – not all at one time. So, growers and pickers can guarantee the best quality of coffee bean at harvest.

3. Costa Rican Law

When it comes to coffee, Costa Rica does not mess around. In 1989, the Costa Rican government passed a law making it illegal to grow and produce anything but 100% Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is the highest quality of coffee on the market, known for its full-bodied flavorful taste, but their plants are incredibly delicate and hard to grow. Many growers in other countries choose to grow hardier plants. Costa Rican growers, however, stick to Arabica coffee and produce the highest quality coffee in all of the world.

So come on down to Dawn Patrol Coffee & Bakery  for an incredible cup of joe before your next surf! Or, enjoy our endless all-day coffee at Eat at Joes!

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