The Sun Came Up…

…and the waves did too. Time to go surfing!

tamarindo costa rica witchs rock surf camp beach
The world might end someday, but not today. Good morning Tamarindo.

Despite our best efforts to party till Armageddon at our ‘End of the World’ Bonfire last night, we have awakened to sunny skies and clean surf. The world is apparently intact (although a few reputations and several brain-cells may claim otherwise).

The party looked just like this, we swear. All the woodland creatures came to frolic. We'd have real pictures...but a winged crocodile ate the camera. True story.

It’s time to splash in the warm Pacific and look forward to Christmas and the New Year. For those of us who were holding off buying presents just in case the world ended, time to get crack-a-lackin.

A trip to surf camp makes one heck of a gift. You still have time to put Witch’s Rock Surf Camp under the tree.

witchs rock surf camp lesson tamarindo costa rica
Santa Claus answered this little girl's prayers: Waves for Christmas!

So happy…er…continuation of the world. Hope to see you all soon!

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