Meet the Top 5 Female Surfers in Costa Rica: Nataly Bernold Gutierrez


The following is part-2 of a 5-part series where we get to meet the top 5 female surfers in Costa Rica. These women charge and are the faces of surfings future here in the land of Pura Vida.

Each has a different story to tell, so please enjoy-


Nataly Bernold Gutierrez




Name: Nataly Bernold Gutierrez

Costa Rica Professional Ranking: 4th

Age: 20 years old

Years of Surfing: 10 years

Favorite wave in Costa Rica: Pavones… it goes on and on

Favorite Maneuver: Airs

What do you do when your not surfing: I study, relax, tan, and go around town with my bike

What advice will you give to grommets and younger competitors: Have fun, enjoy and put effort into it.


What advice will you give to a new surfer: enjoy, do not lose hope if you don’t stand up at first, surfing takes a lot of practice.

What prices have you won surfing: I have been national champion and central America champion 3 times.

Where in the rest of the world have you surfed/competed: Portugal, France, Brazil Peru, Chile and Central America.

Your favorite wave outside Costa Rica: I really loved Señoritas in Peru

What do you feel when your surfing: I feel relaxed and exited at the same time.

Sponsors: Roxy, FCS Carve, and Mango surf shop


(photos courtesy of Costa Rica Star News)


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