Top 5 Responses to “Someone tell me how ‘big’ these nachos are”

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Last month we paid tribute to one of the long-time staples of the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp experience. Having already developed what one could describe as a cult-like following, the ‘Nachos as Big as Your Ass’ from our Eat at Joe’s restaurant gained even more notoriety upon our April announcement that we created and added Pale Ale nacho cheese sauce to the recipe. An already heaping, delicious and loaded plate of nachos with a name you’ll never forget was taken to a new level of delicious using our very own Witch’s Rock Pale Ale.

Just how famous have Nachos as Big as Your Ass become? Well we decided to see for ourselves by putting that question to the masses. We posted a photo on Facebook know and asked for someone to ‘Someone tell me how ‘big’ these nachos are’. The response was fast & furious, with plenty of witty and clever remarks that had all of us laughing.

The crew here in the office picked out our 5 favorite responses. It wasn’t easy; you can see for yourself what a huge selection we had to choose from:  “Someone tell me how ‘big’ these nachos are” on Facebook/WitchsRockSurfCamp

Below are what we determined to be the winning responses. We’ll be sending them $50 gift certificates to Eat at Joe’s as a way of saying thank you for making us smile.

Check ‘em out…

1. Brian Kopec: Bigger than the 9-6 waxy Maxy will have ready and waiting and bigger than the 360 air that Andres can do!! But NOT bigger than Braeden’s smile when he finds out he’s hanging out with Happy and Otis soon!!!

2. Monica Anderson: As big as Joe’s ass? Who was the original prototype that started this tradition?

3. Dylan Davis: The nachos are as big as Arenal, but a lot less lava’y. I was at WRSC for 5 days at ate the nachos 4 times….AWESOME everytime. Can someone Fedex me some right now?

4. Frank Machuga: Not nearly as big as my ass, but big enough to help me take my post sesh incredible nap!

5. Alicia Bowman:  My ass, my ass! The answer is my ass! (Not the first time someone’s shouted this about my trunk of junk, mind you). Nachos are good. Nachos are really good.

Thanks again to everyone who added to the fun. If your response was selected, contact us here and we’ll get you hooked up with your Eat at Joe’s gift card.

Pura Vida!


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