Use G-mail? How to Make Sure You Get the Witch’s Rock Newsletter



As you may know, Gmail recently rolled out a newly designed inbox. If you’ve been using the new design, you also know your emails are now being sorted into three tabs — Primary, Social, and Promotions — with two additional tabs, Updates and Forums, available from the Configure inbox section of your Gmail Settings.

You may also have noticed that our e-mails now appear in your Promotions or Updates tab. If you’d rather the emails we send end up in your Primary tab it’s simple to tell Gmail where these emails should go.

Here’s how:

Drag and drop our email address,, into your Primary tab and click “yes” when Gmail asks if you’d like future messages from this email address to go to your Primary tab.

Pretty easy right?

For those who haven’t signed up for our newsletters, we invite you to do so by filling out the box below. We use e-mail as a way of communicating with past & future Surf Camp guests and make it a point not to annoy you. We understand and respect how precious everyone’s time is, so we only send out e-mails if we can sufficiently answer this question-> “How does this add value to the life of the person that’s reading it?”

By signing up for the newsletter, you get first notice of cheap flights, deals & specials for surf trips, awesome announcements, updates of your favorite surf camp, and anything else that will make your day a better one.

Thanks for your time. Pura Vida!


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