Tamarindo takes steps forward with new Lifeguard program.

Early morning warm ups in Tamarindo Bay

Tamarindo Bay now rests a bit safer.. Two weeks ago began the start of a week-long, Tamarindo lifeguard training program hosted by Captain Luis Hidalgo and the Asociacion Nacional de Guardavidas Costa Rica. This intensive training program readied up over 15 Tamarindo locals with all the lifesaving skills they may need when a fast-acting situation occurs. Here at Witch’s Rock, we were lucky to include two of our lead instructors, J.Luis and David Torres, in this week-long program. Each day started with a 4-hour, in-water training coarse followed by a 4-hour, lifesaving theory class. The classes focused on physical training, victim retrieval [&hellip ...read post

How to: Surf Forecasting


  There is no bigger buzz-kill in surfing than arriving to the beach at the crack of dawn just to discover that a highly anticipated swell has never arrived. Everyone’s been on the hype-train for the past week, all your boards are freshly waxed and ready to go, and when the awaited “day of the swell” finally comes, the waves fail to deliver to your expectations. Although this surf tragedy will inevitably happen AT LEAST once for every wave seeker, understanding some key forecasting factors beforehand will hopefully improve your skunk/score ratio. Know your spots Having a thorough spot list [&hellip ...read post

The Psychology of Riding Waves: Why does Surfing make us Happy?

flow 4

  What is it about surfing that keeps us paddling back out? While non-surfers are huddling inside to stay warm and dry, true surfers are in the water facing the elements of Mother Nature in their never-ending quest for the perfect wave. We call out of work, blow off plans, and even make major life decisions based around our next wave (I am guilty of all these..). And with no way to truly identify, land dwellers are left confused at the shoreline to watch in envy. So this begs the question….What is it about riding waves that brings us back [&hellip ...read post

What’s happening at Witch’s Rock? ~September Newsletter~

   Olas por todos lados (waves everywhere!) From the north, from the south, and from the west, a series of multi-angled swells have been overlapping the past several weeks and lighting up all the nooks and crannies along the coastline. Lucky for us, Tamarindo has been the standout spot with our playful beach break directly out front, and the machine-like barrels grinding through the estuary. Check out WRSC team rider Isaac Vega (above) throwing some recent spray in our front yard! More photos here.     Lights, Camera….Surf!   If you haven’t already checked out the new, official Witch’s Rock [&hellip ...read post

Lights, Camera….Surf! Presenting Witch’s Rock Surf Camp’s NEW video teaser!

vid frame grab

Lights, Camera…..Surf! Over the past several months, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has been working alongside a local production company to re-energize our current WRSC video teaser.  After shooting, re-shooting, and making sure that every frame was picture perfect, we’ve finally landed on this final cut that truly captures the mission of our surf camp. Big thank you to all the surf instructors, staff members, and interviewees who contributed their time to the production of the video. Special thanks to the Fortney family who kindly allowed us to film their vow-renewal ceremony, and to Costa Rica Cinematography for providing their unique [&hellip ...read post

Guest reflection on a surf trip to Witch’s Rock – Photos and text by Frisco Fletch

pdf surf.pdf

Thank you so much for putting this together, Flech. For your efforts, you will be receiving a FREE spot on your next Witch’s Rock boat trip! Pura Vida ~WRSC (Click on photos to zoom in on text) “Hi. I put together this story for a book I made but thought someone at WRSC might like it for a … some sort of post or another. It’s about my trip to the surf spot Witches Rock with you guys last year. I have attached the material… I will be there in two weeks to do it all again! Yay!” Flech ...read post

Insider Secrets: Tamarindo Pt. 3

The empty shores of Playa Grande await..

Insider Secrets: Tamarindo While Tamarindo offers a variety of activities that cater to locals and tourists alike, there are a some little-known “insider secrets” that are not obvious to short-stay vacationers. Ask any tour group in the area what there is to do, and they will ramble off a list of volcano tours, zip lining treks, and all-day catamaran parties. Don’t get me wrong, all these activities are worthwhile and will stoke your sense of adventure, but if you are looking to stay local, save some green, and find your own adventure, this 3 part series will aid you in [&hellip ...read post