Here’s What’s Happening at Witch’s Rock ~ March Newsletter~

SW Swell 4

   Ya viene las olas! (Here come the waves) Yes, in Costa Rica, there are always waves coming…But this weekend (Starting Friday),our Pacific Coast is expected to get its first FULL serving of South West Swell. The initial energy originated with a Category-5 Cyclone spinning off the coast of New Zealand last week. Since then, the storm has undergone a subtropical transformation and flared up into the biggest #purpleblob of the year! Be sure to tune in to this Friday’s Witch’s Rock Pirate Radio to get the live surf report. Or, enjoy the view from your cozy living room couch [&hellip post

Get Stoked! ~South Swell Season has arrived~

Current situation in the South Pacific looking goooood. #purpleblobs

Don’t get me wrong, we love those off-season North West Monsters as well, but if you’re a wave-rider that enjoys everyday consistency, slack winds, thinner crowds, and cloud-filled psychedelic sunsets, then get stoked! Because South Swell Season has arrived. In a nutshell, the angry winter months of the year produce the biggest waves. Hawaii receives their XXL swell events exclusively during the Northern Hemisphere winter (Nov- Feb) as the Southern Hemisphere receives the majority of their waves during April – September. And with Costa Rica’s ideal geographic location conveniently near the equator, our beaches get a nice taste from both [&hellip post

We’ve Got You Covered! Helpful skincare tips for sun-dried surfers.

(c) Toh Gouttenoire-2014-02-13-095254

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body. It’s our first line of defense against the outside world and the last part of the body you want to neglect.  And as surfers who spend hours each day in the glaring sun on the endless pursuit of “one more wave”, skin protection should never be taken lightly.   Bottom line, if you are a passionate surfer, you have a higher risk of developing unfavorable skin conditions with substantial time spent under the Sun. So before getting too excited and sprinting into the water at the first [&hellip post

Witch’s Rock Solo Mission! Discovering the benefits of traveling alone…


Solo Travelers are some of our biggest fans… From the initial moment of booking a trip, to the final journey back to your doorstep, single travelers seem to always bring home genuinely rewarding experiences, both internally and externally. And no worries, if you have a mild phobia of taking this leap of faith by yourself (you’re not the only one) Witch’s Rock is here to alleviate some of the stress on your next solo vacation.   Here are just some of the beneficial reasons of why a WRSC solo mission could be one the most rewarding vacations of your life. [&hellip post

Here’s What’s Happening at Witch’s Rock! ~February Newsletter~


     Global Weirding? Storm after storm after storm….. That has been the theme of this year’s record-breaking Winter thus far. While the Hawaiian Islands and California have been getting pounded with swell, the East Coast is still buried in snow and ice. Lucky for us, these persistent storms have delivered nothing but healthy doses of NW swell. Blame it on El Nino, Global Warming (Weirding?), whatever your theory may be, this unusual pattern continues to pump out consistent swells in our direction. Have a look back at Tamarindo’s Most Recent North West Monster Swell.     Robert August Surf [&hellip post

Honeymooners Under the Sun – Guest Blog by Mike & Nancy Robinson


Surf Camp: Tamarindo, Costa Rica  Be sure to check out all of Mike’s blogs at  2.3.15 Nancy and I have had one thing in common from the first day we met, and that is we both love to be in the water. So what better way to kick off our lives together as newlyweds than to attend surfing camp! We both like a challenge and love the thrill of speed so now that we will no longer be able to participate in our beloved sport of Autocrossing back in the States, we thought surfing could help to fill that void. From [&hellip post

Time-lining the Swell: A look back at Tamarindo’s most recent NW monster.

Remembering January's last NW monster.

Once or twice a year, an XXL storm will form in the Northern Hemisphere with the potential to deliver man-sized surf to Tamarindo. And because of our unique orientation, Tamarindo becomes the shining jewel of the coast on these NorthWest swells, turning our normally tame front yard into the best surfing playground in the country . In this blog, we will take a day-by-day look at The Hype, The Rise, The Peak, The Mellowing, and The Hasta Luego of Tamarindo’s most recent North-West Monster.   January 17 – The Hype The anticipation always starts with a purple blob…. Yellow blobs are alright, and [&hellip post