Introducing our new sister, the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel!


If you’ve been in contact with us over the past couple of months, you’ve probably heard some of the chatter… Well here it is, to put the rumors to rest: Witch’s Rock is finally announcing the grand opening of our new sister hotel property, the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel!   Located only a 3 minute walk from Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, the Pueblo Dorado Surf Hotel offers guests affordable rooms, air conditioning, free wifi, cable tv, a swimming pool, and breakfast daily at Joe’s Surf Diner. Enjoy immediate access to the Tamarindo estuary, only a jungle trail away… Since the [&hellip post

Here’s what’s Happening at Witch’s Rock ~ June Newsletter~


   Veranito de San Juan (Little summer of San Juan) Typically starting around the Summer Solstice of each year (June 21st), Costa Rica’s rainy season will take a 2 week vacation and return to our pristine, dry-season conditions. This weather phenomenon can be a dream for sunbathers and surfers alike. Not only is the weather incredible, but the offshore winds and the powerful Southern Hemisphere swells magically join together to produce some of the BEST conditions all year. So if you find yourself itching to take a last minute surf trip, now is the time to score! Plenty of swell [&hellip post

Support the NEW Tamarindo Lifeguard Program!

Right in front of Witch's Rock Surf Camp

  To make a donation, please visit   Help support the Tamarindo Lifeguard Program for the next THREE YEARS! In February 2015, The Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADIT), Witch’s Rock Surf Camp , Patagonia Restaurant, and other local businesses and individuals contributed to the new Tamarindo Lifeguard Program which to date includes two full time lifeguards and a brand new lifeguard tower. Since the inception of the paid lifeguard program there have been numerous rescues and medical assists.  But we need YOUR help to fund this program. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp feels so strongly about this program that they are pledging to pay the salary [&hellip post

Come meet The Endless Summer star yourself & save some $$

The originial surf star

Next week, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp will welcome back everyone’s favorite viejo, Robert August! Now residing in Huntington Beach California, Robert August and his daughter, Christine, have been traveling and competing in California as well as voyaging to South Africa with the Huntington Beach High School Surf Team. Catch up with Robert in’s recent interview.   And even with Robert’s busy schedule up North, he still always finds time to come down for some warm waves and Pura Vida love. Robert is scheduled to arrive next Wednesday, June 17 until June 27th.   Want to meet the surf legend [&hellip post

Here’s What’s Happening at Witch’s Rock ~May Newsletter~

Shot from above may 13 edit

   May Days May is always the transitional period in our beautiful country. Mother Earth receives her first (much needed) rain of the year, Tamarindo crowds subside creating a more relaxed vibe in town, and the Southern Hemisphere spins out consistent waves that never seem to end! Back-to-back swells with thinner crowds and more waves for you   Tamarindo Baywatch   The Beaches of Tamarindo now rest a bit safer. With the opening ceremony of the new lifeguard tower last Saturday, Tamarindo now has 2 full-time lifeguards watching over our backyard from sun up to sun down. Special thanks to [&hellip post

Kids Surf for Free this August! Never stop learning :)

Today's lesson plan..

It’s about that time again.. Schools are letting out and the first signs of summer are showing for our friends across the Northern Hemisphere (finally!). The kids will be taking a 3 month hiatus from the classroom, but that doesn’t mean they should ever stop learning..   So put down the books (just for a little bit) and and let’s teach the education of surfing! Not only will your kids pick up a new lifetime skill, but the kids will learn about ocean awareness, surf science, and gain self confidence as they take on a new challenge. Plus, watching your [&hellip post

Tamarindo’s New Lifeguard Tower: Located right in front of Witch’s Rock!


Earth’s vast and churning oceans are arguably the most powerful forces on our planet. While the ocean is responsible for the regulation of our climate and producing habitable living conditions on Earth , it also fuels the monster storms that emit massive amounts of energy to all corners of the globe.   And who else knows the force of the ocean better than surfers? We spend hours upon hours chasing waves, paddling through ripping currents, getting caught inside on the bomb sets, and learning first hand the power of Mother Nature. Even after years of experience and conditioning, the ocean [&hellip post