Here’s What’s Happening at Witch’s Rock! ~February Newsletter~


     Global Weirding? Storm after storm after storm….. That has been the theme of this year’s record-breaking Winter thus far. While the Hawaiian Islands and California have been getting pounded with swell, the East Coast is still buried in snow and ice. Lucky for us, these persistent storms have delivered nothing but healthy doses of NW swell. Blame it on El Nino, Global Warming (Weirding?), whatever your theory may be, this unusual pattern continues to pump out consistent swells in our direction. Have a look back at Tamarindo’s Most Recent North West Monster Swell.     Robert August Surf [&hellip post

Honeymooners Under the Sun – Guest Blog by Mike & Nancy Robinson


Surf Camp: Tamarindo, Costa Rica  Be sure to check out all of Mike’s blogs at  2.3.15 Nancy and I have had one thing in common from the first day we met, and that is we both love to be in the water. So what better way to kick off our lives together as newlyweds than to attend surfing camp! We both like a challenge and love the thrill of speed so now that we will no longer be able to participate in our beloved sport of Autocrossing back in the States, we thought surfing could help to fill that void. From [&hellip post

Time-lining the Swell: A look back at Tamarindo’s most recent NW monster.

Bigger than it looks..

Once or twice a year, an XXL storm will form in the Northern Hemisphere with the potential to deliver man-sized surf to Tamarindo. And because of our unique orientation, Tamarindo becomes the shining jewel of the coast on these NorthWest swells, turning our normally tame front yard into the best surfing playground in the country . In this blog, we will take a day-by-day look at The Hype, The Rise, The Peak, The Mellowing, and The Hasta Luego of Tamarindo’s most recent North-West Monster.   January 17 – The Hype The anticipation always starts with a purple blob…. Yellow blobs are alright, and [&hellip post

Rising Star: Braeden Kopec


Meet Braeden Kopec, 8 year-old super grom and rising star from Flagler Beach, Florida whose favorite place in the world is Costa Rica. On their most recent trip, Braeden and his 2 supporting parents spent their 7th trip here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp enjoying the summertime vibes and playful surf. (Talk about serious WRSC Alumni right?) In between guest interviews on the Pirate Radio Show, ripping up the waves along the coast, and representing WRSC as a team rider, we caught up with Braeden to learn  more about what make this 8 year old tick.   Name:  Braeden Dune Kopec [&hellip post

Graduation Field Trip!—– Jan 9, 2015 (Video)


If you’ve ever enrolled in our Novice or Beginner Surf Program, you know how perfect the rolling waves of Tamarindo are to learn (or re-learn) the basics. So after a productive week of fine-tuning your skills, practicing your pop-up, and improving your  wave-reading ability, most Beginning surfers are ready for the challenge of bigger, better quality surf. That’s why every Friday, we load up the boards, recruit the instructors, and have an all-day Field Trip to a nearby beach that offers waves with a little more punch. Here’s a taste of last week’s  WRSC Field Trip to Playa Grande. Filmed [&hellip post

What’s Happening at Witch’s Rock ~ December Newsletter


   Although it took some planning and coordination, we managed to round up the whole WRSC gang for this epic WRSC Family moment to celebrate the holidays. Can’t you just wait to see these smiling faces again in person? Big thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially our special guests who keep coming back again and again! You are the reason that our big happy family keeps growing year and year again.    Give the gift of Surf for the Holidays   Because how many pairs of socks do you actually need? Give the gift of surf this holiday [&hellip post