12 Must Follow Surf Instagram Accounts

Social media can be a hindrance to our daily lives. Spending hours on end glued to our phone screens is far from healthy. But, social media also has the ability to connect us to friends around the globe, transport us for brief moments to beautiful locations all over the world, and inspire us to maybe, just actually, get there and explore one day.

So, if you’re looking for some surf inspiration for your next trip, or just need something to cheer you up in the office, these 12 Instagram accounts are sure to have you frothing!

1. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard, photographer and filmmaker, has taken surf media to new heights. His recent film, Under an Artic Sky documents his crew’s treacherous journey along the Icelandic coast in search of unsurfed, perfect waves. Burkard’s Instagram is chalk full of stellar surf imagery from his current projects, gorgeous landscape photographs from all over the world, and insights into his life and travels.

2. Kook of the Day

Need a little comedic relief for your work day? Head over @kookoftheday to laugh at some good old fashion slapstick humor. There you will find waves gone bad, cliff jumping mishaps, and all the hilarious grom mistakes you can imagine.

3. WSL

With stops on tour like Pipeline, Jeffery’s Bay, and Teahupoo you’re going to want to tune in to watch the world’s best surfers compete against each other. With the tour in full swing, now is the perfect time to check out the WSL Instagram for contest highlights, travel inspiration, and info on all your favorite pro surfers.

4. Maya Gabeira

24-year-old Maya Gabeira started surfing when she grew bored watching an ex-boyfriend from the beach. Now considered the best female big-wave surfer of her generation, Maya travels the world for Red Bull and often graces the pages of GQ Brazil. Maya barely survived surfing the enormous waves of Nazaré, before going on the slay one of the world’s deadliest in Todos dos Santos, Mexico.

5. Surfer Magazine

When it comes to surf journalism, Surfer Magazine sets the bar. From a visual standpoint, their photography is stunning, making their Instagram well worth a follow. But as far as their publication goes, the detailed pieces on travel locations, sponsored trips, and professional surfer profiles put them far ahead of their composition. If you’re a serious surfer give these guys a follow to stay in the know about all things surfing.

6. The Gudauskas Brothers

Dane, Patrick, and Tanner Gudauskas are professional surfers, cretins, and all around great guys. Their accounts are full of info about the world tour (Patrick is currently on the CT), upcoming film projects, and their charity Positive Vibe Warriors. These characters are definitely worth a follow.

7. Kelly Slater

The king is absolutely worth a follow. 11 World Championships deserves your respect and at the very least a few likes. Kelly’s Instagram is full off surreal surf pics and videos, mind boggling surf ranch footage, and the occasional celebrity cameo featuring the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Bill Murray.

8. Boardporn

Not your typical surf Instagram account, this page delivers images of unique and beautiful surf boards from around the planet. Warning: this page will likely cause your wallet to feel significantly lighter after you’re inspired to begin hoarding unique surf crafts.

9. Bethany Hamilton

If you want to be inspired to get off your phone and catch some waves look no further than Bethany Hamilton. Bethany lost her arm in a shark attack during her childhood. Yet, she is still one of the best female surfers on the planet. She charges hard all over the globe and even surfs World Tour contests.

10. Mark Healey

Mark Healey is a true waterman. He’s known for his impressive big wave surfing career, but he considers himself equal parts diver, surfer, and fisherman. His Instagram is full of excellent surfing content, as well as stunning images of his 70+ foot free dives while spear fishing. Oh, and he’s strangely comfortable with large sharks.

11. Clark Little

Clark Little’s water photography has gained worldwide attention and countless accolades. His shore break shots are unbelievably detailed, well lit, and downright gorgeous. Not many people would be willing to take massive shore break on the head for a single photo, but Clark Little is not most people. His Instagram is a must follow.

12. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Living the Pura Vida lifestyle is what we’re all about and our Instagram is a reflection. Follow us for everything surf from warm-ups and swell-science to media and meditations. We take you to the best restaurants in Tamarindo, serve up Costa Rican coffee and shine the spotlight on our amazing guests. Plus, you might just score an incredible deal to come back and see us sooner than you thought :)

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