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  1. You can always use some good news in your life.

    Boards. Beer. Bikinis. …and those are topics from our Business news!

  2. Don’t Miss Specials, Deals, and Discounts; Find out first.

    “What? You were giving away free rooms! Why didn’t I know about that?!”

  3. We’ll never share or sell your info.

    Because that would be stupid and lame. Who does that? Seriously.

  4. No trees will be harmed.

    Uh…we think. Unless they are burned to generate the electricity that runs our computers?…they don’t burn trees for that right? Damn…now we need to look that up to make sure. It’s not easy being green.

  5. Eco Updates.

    It’s not easy, but we’re always trying. Find out about our own water-treatment plant, eco-farm,biodiesel from nacho grease…and everything else we do to keep this place beautiful.

  6. Thousands of other people have signed up.

    All the cool kids are doing it. (Actually, don’t do anything for that reason.)

  7. Surf Reports from Paradise reduce cholesterol and improve kidney function.

    It’s true. A doctor told us that. We think she was a doctor…maybe a lab tech? Something medical. It was late. Anyway, there have been studies. By known researchers. At important sounding places.

  8. Who the Hell decided we needed 8 Reasons?

    If you’ve read this far, you clearly have some free time. Sign up already.

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