A Day in the Life at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp


Witch’s Rock surfers heading out for a sunset session

Welcome to a day in the life at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  My name is Tom and I am a Witch’s Rock Surf Camp photographer in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  My job at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is to capture every ‘Pura Vida’ moment.  Pura Vida is a term Costa Rican’s use to describe their lifestyle and perspective in life.  Literally translated it means, Pure Life.  Pura Vida is about smiles, happiness, beauty, and peace in all aspects of life.  I try and capture these moments in my photography, which is quite easy at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp because the term Pura Vida is truly embraced by all guests and employees.  I am blessed to have the position I do in a paradise like Tamarindo.   Everyday I meet people from around the world having the times of their lives, sharing stories as well as great waves.  Speaking of great waves, Playa Tamarindo is the place to be.  Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is located right  on the beach and right in front of the best waves in town.  I enjoy photographing people just learning to surf for the first time and surfers that have travelled the world’s best surf spots.  There is something about Tamarindo and WRSC that keep people coming back year after year…I think it might have something to do with the beautiful way of life in Costa Rica…Pura Vida.

It was a really fun week at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  There was a WRSC sponsored surf event, the return of our fearless leader Joe Walsh to the Pirate Radio Show, and I got to hang out with Endless Summer Surf Legend Robert August in his new surfboard shaping studio. When the sun starts to go down, I really enjoy joining a pick-up beach volleyball game in front of Eat At Joe’s, where they serve, “Nachos as big as your ass.”


Nachos as big as your ass at Eat at Joe's
Nachos as big as your ass at Eat at Joe’s
2013-11-12 17.05.44_lzn
Sunset beach volleyball is the best!


If you haven’t heard, as a guest at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp you are invited to join Robert August in his studio and watch first hand how his custom surfboards are created.  It was quite an experience watching him form a simple piece of foam into an amazing wave catching machine.


2013-11-15 09.54.26
Robert August shaping a surfboard in his studio at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp


There is no limit to beautiful views in Tamarindo.  The photo below is taken of birds resting on one of Playa Tamarindo’s rock formations.  I think the birds are saying,”come fly away with me to paradise…to Tamarindo, Costa Rica!”  That sounds like some great advice right?


Come Fly Away!
Come Fly Away!


Until next week, Pura Vida!



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