Meet the #1 Female Surfer in Costa Rica: Lisbeth Vindas Diaz


The following is part-5 of a 5-part series where we get to meet the top 5 female surfers in Costa Rica. These women charge and are the faces of surfing’s future here in the land of Pura Vida.

Each has a different story to tell, so please enjoy-

Lisbeth-Vindas Diaz


Name: Lisbeth Vindas Diaz

Age: 32 years old

Costa Rica Professional Ranking: #1

Years Surfing: 18 years

Favorite Wave in Costa Rica: Playa Escondida

Favorite Surfing Maneuver: Barrels!

What do you do when you’re not surfing: I’m a mom so I spend a lot of time playing with my son. I train a lot, I like to read and go to the movies.

What advice would you give to grommets and younger competitors: As advice, I will tell them to live a healthy life, have a lot of fun and I know there is a lot of potential for them to grow because they are always searching for new world champions.

What advice would  you give to a new surfer or someone thinking about learning to surf: Live a healthy life, practice a lot!



What awards and prizes have you won during your surfing career?: I have been national champion 15 times and champion of Central America 4 times. I have participated in the WQS in California, where the national team won 4th place in 2006 and 1st place in 2005.

Where in the rest of the world have you surfed or competed?: I’ve surfed in more then 25 different countries, thank s to professional surfing!

What is your favorite wave outside of Costa Rica?: Tavarua, Fiji

How do you feel when you’re surfing?: It keeps me physically and mentally healthy. Being in the water practicing a sport that every day fills me with passion, it motivates me to break my own goals and of course it gives me the sensation of being free in a environment that only the ocean can give me.

Shout out to your sponsors?: Sponsors: Billabong, Arenas surf shop, Maxx energy, vonziper, Nixon, Dakine, Reef, Future.


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