Cheap flights, rodeos, barrels and other dry-season happenings


For most, summer is just about coming to an end. But much like our friend & resident legend Robert August, we live in an Endless Summer here on Playa Tamarindo; both the fun & the waves never stop.

We want you to come surf with us down here, so here’s some information that will be very helpful to you as you book your trip-

Cheap flights:

We scoured the web and found great deals on flights from all over North America. These are some of the best deals we could find:

  • NYC $427 – $515 *November – March 5th (check out direct flights on Delta)
  •  BOS $460 – $550 *November – January (United Airlines)
  •  YTO $550 – $700 *December – January (check out direct flights on WestJet)
  •  LAX $500 – $700 *January – March (Delta has direct flights on Saturday-Sunday)
  •  DEN $500 – $700 *November – February (United Airlines)

You can do some more scouring for flights by hitting up our favorite travel site Kayak, or contact our lovely ladies in the office, who have become professionals at finding the best flights, schedules and pricing:)

Rodeos, Turtle Tours, Surf n Turf & other Dry Season Happenings:

Aside from waves, dry season also brings us the following:

  • Rodeo & Fiesta Season: November thru May
  •  Robert August Surf -n-Turf Charity Event: March 19 – March 23
  •  Leatherback Turtle Tours: October thru February
  •  Return of Endless Offshore Winds: December thru March (sometimes even April!)
  •  Costa Rica Microbrewery Festival: Late March, Early April

North Swells & Barrels:

The combination of offshore winds with swells coming out of the North/Northwest during dry-season allows for day after day of perfect conditions at some of the best waves in the world. Witch’s Rock, the Tamarindo Rivermouth and Playa Avellanas are just a few of the waves that work well during the winter months.

For more info on these waves or others that we regularly surf during these months, take a look here: Our Top 10 Surfing Spots in Northern Costa Rica.

Thank you again for being a part of the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp family. It’s you that makes this all possible and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Start Planning Your Surf Trip Today.

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