Employee Profile: Xiquiu Acosta

Do you know our instructor, Xiquiu (pronounced ZQ)? She is one of the longest standing female surf instructors at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and is one of the most requested for young kids and families. Always with a smile on her face, Xiquiu shines positive light on her students and incorporates the perfect amount of playfulness into her lessons. If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet Xiquiu at the camp, here is a brief introduction in this week’s employee profile.

Xiquiu Acosta

Where are you from? Your age? And how long have you been working at Witch’s Rock Surf

I’m from La Guaira – Venezuela and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been working at WRSC for 4 years

When were you introduced into Surfing?

When I was 10 years old, my family and I went to this beach that was only for surfer. and I remember I couldn’t Stop watching them in the water riding the waves. I just felt in love.
but it wasn’t until a couple years later that I surfed and of course it was love at the first wave.

How would you describe your style?

I would say I’m a soul surfer.
My surf style??? Mmm… Smooth!! I just love have a nice ride jijiji !!
Always with a smile on her face, Xiquiu

What is your favorite wave in Costa Rica?

I love point break, so that’s why playa negra and ollies point are my favorite!!

Any quick and easy tips for the perfect pop up?

For beginners I am faithful believer of the three steps: push-up, back foot and front foot.
Make sure you’re in the right spot on the board when you’re lying down and once your start paddling be tranquil@ and paddle with a nice rhythm. Never rush at the moment to get up just take your time doing one step at the time and enjoy the ride

Biggest mistake beginners make?

Looking down, feet too close together, standing to far back.
hey! Look where you wanna go, if you wanna get up just look forward guys! hahaha!

Who are your favorite surf students?

Kids of course !! I do love teach kids because is always more fun and they willing to learn.
It make me happy when I see them stoked after they catch the first wave.

How have you seen the female surf scene change over the years?

Yes!!! In the last few years I been seeing more girls in the line up and that’s super nice. It’s no easy been paddling around hundred boys so it’s nice to have girls support in the water.

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