Hope for Haiti: Beach Blanket Benefit Concert

Hope for Haiti: Beach Blanket Benefit Concert

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at WRSC


Hey Everybody!


Like the rest of the world, we’ve been counting our blessings lately.

Watching the devastation in Haiti sure does make us take stock of how lucky

we are to live in paradise and play in the waves for a living! We were

stoked when our musician friends proposed a benefit concert for Haitian

Relief here at WRSC. Heck Yes! We won’t have Beyonce or Steven Spielberg

like the televised events I’ve seen all week, but we will have cool tunes by

Lyle Watson, Banana Kings, and many others…and give our drop in the bucket

to an overwhelming challenge. Tell your friends, and bring the kids. Let’s

raise a meaningful amount for Haiti!


Check out the flyer:


–Pura Vida

Joe Walsh



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