How did you spend International Surfing Day?

We hope you got some waves this past week with International Surfing Day (ISD) falling on June 15th. There was actually some really phenomenal surf with offshore winds in Tamarindo which made it easy for everyone to celebrate. Besides catching some waves on ISD, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp teamed up with The Clean Wave to organize a much-needed beach clean up across the 2km stretch of Playa Tamarindo.

After a dawn patrol session, everyone met at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp at 9am to begin the extensive cleanup. About 20 people showed up with trash bags, rubber gloves, and a sincere desire to give back to our natural environment. We were even joined by some local police officers along with surf legend (and Tamarindo resident) Robert August.

After 3 hours of combing the beach, the team members returned to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp to separate recyclable from non-recyclable, wash their hands, and eat their well-deserved free lunch provided by WRSC. Thank you so much to everyone involved. There have been several beach cleaning initiatives started by surfers lately that encourage personal action. Have you heard about Take 3 for the Sea and #Stoptrashingwaves? It seems as though the tide is turning on environmental consciousness and what better day to celebrate than International Surfing Day?

How did you spend last Saturday? Got some waves? Picked up some trash? Let us know in the comments how you are contributing to betterment of our beaches and ocean. If you’d like to get down here yourself and enjoy the warm, blue Pacific Ocean, give us a contact us at 1-888-318-7873.

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