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In my 11 years working here, I have always tried to piece together what keeps me working at the camp this long without boredom or a need for more?  Well one, I have always felt so proud that I worked in a sales position but have never had to feel like I was a sales ”woman”.  This isn’t the place that we have to make cold calls to potential buyers, selling them on a fantasy product that we make up to sound like paradise, this vacation really is paradise.  Two, my bosses are pretty friggin’ amazing!  Thirdly, I am working on a beach in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where I get to spend my lunch hour surfing.   Lastly and most importantly, is the fact that what makes Witch’s Rock Surf Camp more than just a “surf camp”, and the reason why thousands of surfers choose us is because of the immediate community, connections and family that it creates.  From staff considering their co-workers to be their best friends, we are encouraged to meet as many guests as possible, to guests who meet lifelong friends or partners and come back together the next surf trip, it creates a feeling that we when we are here, we are home again.

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I have met so many guests over the years and some today, I consider good friends of mine.  I know this to be true for all of our staff & guests alike down here.  They are from all corners of the earth, each with their own different life story,  each with their own life lessons to pass on.  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by this type of enriched connection.  Shout out to Joe from Brooklyn, Los Robaina’s de Espana who own a restaurant in the Grand Canary Islands, The Fortney’s from New Jersey, Jane from Manhattan, a very talented graphic designer, Mark our Atlanta skateboarder, Kim from Florida, Darryl in Canada, Orsmond Family from South Africa, Sara from Texas, one of the funniest woman I know, and so many more!

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We had a guy who was down here a couple of weeks ago on his 12th trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  He has brought his son down along with him many times, who by the way was celebrating his last surf trip as a single man (congratulations Justin!!),  and this trip he was finally able to get his adult daughter here.  Meeting her, I immediately felt the urge to hug her, as she felt like one of us already.  What she said though was what struck deep with me “I am so excited to be here and having such a wonderful time, I feel like I am meeting my Dad’s 2nd family”.  It blew me away how a small beachfront hotel, could create this type of community organically.  Of course their story isn’t the only one, but is the only one I can clearly remember as it just happened, and again, I have been here a LONG time (old woman writing here).

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It will be very hard to ever think about leaving this “family” that I have here at Witch’s Rock.  Anyone who has ever come down here and surfed with us, knows exactly what I am talking about.  If you ever had any doubt of which surf camp to choose, do know that you will immediately feel something bigger than just a vacation while with us.

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We have just started the Witch’s Rock Community page so that all of our Witch’s Rock family members can stay in touch, ask a question to a seasoned traveler, post travels tips, experiences and networking to find your next amigos to come down with. We hope this will give our friends and family a chance to live a day at Witch’s Rock while sitting in your office daydreaming of the beach.  Just make sure to work a little bit so that you can come back and stay with us 😉  Look forward to seeing you there but even more forward to seeing you in person again at Witch’s Rock.  Thank you Joe & Holly for creating a second home for a lot of us

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