It’s More Than Just a Surf Camp

In my 15 years working at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, I’ve always tried to piece together what has kept me here so long without becoming bored or longing for more…  For one, I’ve always felt proud that I worked in a sales position and have never felt like a wishy-washy sales woman.  This isn’t the place where we make cold calls to potential buyers, selling them on a fantasy product that we talk up to sound like paradise; this vacation really is paradise!   Number two, my bosses are pretty friggin’ amazing! Y’all reading this? :)  Thirdly, I’m working literally 1 minute walking from the water’s edge in one of the most beautiful countries in the world where I get to spend my lunch hour on the beach, surfing, or just relaxing with the happiest people on Earth.   Lastly and most importantly, this job has allowed me to lay my roots in Costa Rica. Not only from a financial standpoint, but also from a social and community standpoint. My co-workers have become my best friends, I’ve met guests from every corner of the world, I even know people that met their soulmate here at surf camp and went on to get married years later. Witch’s Rock is truly a magical spot that creates a feeling that when you’re here, you’re home again. 

I’ve met so many guests over the years that I consider good friends of mine.  They’re from all corners of the earth, each with their own different life story and life lessons to pass on.  We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by enriching people and learn their unique stories.  Shout out to Joe from Brooklyn, the Nelson’s who argue over who gets Joe’s Apartment, The Fortney’s from New Jersey, Mark our Atlanta skateboarder, Kim from Florida, Darryl in Canada, the Orsmond Family from South Africa, Sara from Texas, one of the funniest women I know, and so many more!

We had a guy who was down here a couple of weeks ago on his 12th trip to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  He brought his son down along with him many times, who by the way was celebrating his last surf trip as a single man (congratulations Justin!!),  and this trip he was finally able to get his adult daughter here.  Meeting her, I immediately felt the urge to hug her, as she felt like I had known her already.  What she said struck deep with me: “I am so excited to be here and having such a wonderful time, I feel like I am meeting my Dad’s 2nd family”.  It blew me away how a small beachfront hotel in Central America could create this type of community organically.  Of course their story isn’t the only one, but it’s the only one I can clearly remember as it just happened, and again, I’ve been here a LONG time (old woman writing here).

It would be hard to think about leaving this “family” that I have here at Witch’s Rock.  Anyone who’s ever come down and surfed with us knows exactly what I’m talking about.  If you ever had any doubt of which surf camp to choose, know that you’ll most certainly feel something bigger than just a vacation while with us.

We’ve found that our Facebook and Instagram pages are a great way for Witch’s Rock family members to stay in touch, ask a question, post travels tips, or network to find a surf crew. We hope this will give our friends and family a chance to live a day at Witch’s Rock while sitting in your office daydreaming of the beach. We look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group but even more to seeing you in person at Witch’s Rock surf Camp. Thank you Joe & Holly for creating a second home for a lot of us. If you’d like to get started planning your next trip don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us Toll Free at 1-888-318-7873. 


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