WRSC develops beachfront park on private property


If you live in Tamarindo, you may have been curious about the dump truck, backhoe, and construction crew hard at work on our land between the hotel and the public parking to our North. WRSC has owned this beautiful piece of beachfront property for years, but it has never been fully utilized.

We started a garden over there, hosted a fun third birthday party for Otis, built a little rancho that served as Holly’s Organic Market for awhile, and had some nice yoga sessions, but more often it has served as a storage area for the old WRSC bus, boats being repaired, and various maintenance supplies. This month, we’re finally turning it into the beachfront park we’ve been planning for years.

Here’s what we will be completing over the next few weeks:

We’re turning the whole area into a recreation and concession area, open to the public, with drinks, beer, BBQ, picnic tables, board rentals, shade tree and umbrellas—all with spectacular beachfront views.

We have installed a new, safe, ten-meter wide culvert bridge providing access to the green-space and our property from the parking lot, replacing the rickety old log that was the only way to cross the little runoff stream.

We’re adding new bathrooms and a shower—also open to anyone—which will be available during our business hours from 6AM – 10PM, just behind the rancho.

The rancho will now serve cold drinks, beer, and BBQ—but everyone is welcome to come and use the picnic tables and enjoy the park whether you eat at the rancho or not. Bring your own food. Bring your family. This is an area to be enjoyed by everyone, not just guests of the surf camp.

We are moving our board rental area over to the park area as well, which will free up more room in Eat at Joe’s Restaurant, and give some extra space for our surf school and surf tours to operate. Now the board-cage will be directly connected to our expanded ding-repair workshop, and our new board-shaping and glassing rooms, and be easily accessible to our vans for loading and unloading for tours. It doesn’t get any more integrated than this! We’re making ‘em, fixing ‘em, and renting ‘em just steps from where we’re surfing ‘em!

We’re doing extensive landscaping with lots of local trees, grasses, plants and flowers throughout the park. We will be using “green” pavers (the type where the grass can grow right up through the holes and rain can easily soak into the soil) and watering the garden with the certified treated water from our water treatment plant.

If you want to check it out or ask questions, call or stop by. We’re happy to give a tour while we’re under construction. We’ve been working closely with the municipality, and they are excited by the public/private park that we are developing—since there really is nothing else quite like it in the area.

We can’t wait to hang out in our new beachfront park, and we’re sure locals and guests will dig it too.

Pura Vida



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