…You know you’ve truly lost yourself in paradise when you completely lose track of the days!


March 2nd, 2010-

Well, I DID make it to the airport on the RIGHT day (Andres- “Why din’ you ASK me wha’ day i’ was..I woulda TOL’ you!” ) lol! You know you’ve truly lost yourself in paradise when you completely lose track of the days! What a gift..to be so relaxed and comfortable in a new environment.

There are many beautiful places in the world, but it’s the people who make it memorable, and WRSC has that in spades.

Andres & Hector, always with huge smiles and friendly greetings, Rafa, SUCH a teaser..love that guy! Larry (“how’re the bruises..need more ice?”) always showing friendly concern, Vincent and the awesome Joe’s staff (and possibly the greatest sushi ever!), the drivers who got us around safely (no small feat lol) especially Leo who drove me back to Liberia. Through limited English/Spanish and lots of charades, we had a great conversation! He, like all the ‘Ticos’ I met, was the sweetest man. Thanks also to Shawna and Valerie for helping make my stay so perfect.

And then there were the instructors. Each so different and talented, all so helpful and genuine. Like shepherds of the ocean, always watching out for the safety of the flock. And boy did we listen! One whistle and we were paddling like dogs to their masters! Killian, Carlos, Rigo..always positive and stoked. Their love for the ocean just oozes out of them. A special thanks to my personal ‘shepherd’, Flash. So patient with all my fear, (“venga, chica! woooo! a nice lil baby wave jus’ for YOU!..don’ be scared, de’ ocean is your FRIEN”!) he was able to pinpoint exactly what I was (or wasn’t) doing and helped me more than he’ll ever know. I trusted him with my life (at least, it FELT like it!).

Thanks also to Edgar for the amazing seminars, they really helped to fill in the blanks for me and explained so much. My only regret is not being able to have my lesson with him (damn tsunamis!). Maybe for the best…I think I would’ve been a little distracted in the ocean (muy hermoso! lol!). Maybe next time…but I can’t wait to get in the water here at home and try out my newfound skills. I came further in one week than I had in the previous 4 months of trying on my own.
Of course, I’ll have to go to my happy place and pretend I’m in 30C Tamarindo water instead of the 3C Atlantic…but I’m sure I’ll hear Flash in my head “paddle..paddle..slooow down..paddlePADDLEFASTERSTAND UP!!WOOOOOOO!”

Thanks to all who made this the best trip of my life. I feel like I left my family (and my heart and soul) behind..I sat in the ocean and cried the morning I left.
hasta la vez proxima…

Pura Vida!
Lisa Myers, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada


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