“Nothing felt real because everything was perfect.”

Lindsay SittingerPura Vida: I only heard of this phrase but never knew what it meant until I experienced it for the first time last year. I had lived off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a couple months to save up and go on a surf trip with my boyfriend, my cousin and my friend. The four of us flew down to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp with excitement. We were greeted with high fives and positive vibes. I’m not sure how else to describe Pura Vida; all I know is we had a constant smile on our faces and every hour topped the next. We woke before the sunrise and ran to the beach to catch our first waves. Every minute was filled with cheers and smiles as each wave we caught was the best ride of our life. When we weren’t surfing we were making new friends and eating good food.

When I couldn’t imagine our adventure to get any better, the best day of my life happened. We just finished eating dinner and the waves were small but fun. We decided to go out for a sunset surf sesh. I’ll never forget how pink and orange the water was from the Costa Rican sunset. As I paddled out into the lineup I saw a small, orange, boat keychain float by me. I thought someone had lost their keys and I picked it up. Attached to the keychain was a ring. As soon as I realized what was happening my boyfriend was off his board and in the water next to me. He asked me to marry him and the other surfers around us began to cheer. Of course I said yes.

After that moment the rest of our trip was like a dream. Nothing felt real because everything was perfect. We had the best week of our lives and we’ll sure as heck never forget it.

Pura Vida!! Lindsay


PS- We are dying to go back! We haven’t planned our honeymoon yet because I started a full time job just after our wedding. We plan on going back for our honeymoon either this spring or summer.


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