Now Hiring: Freelance Research Assistant(s)


Job Position: Freelance Research Assistant(s)
Job Description: Distill Quality Information from a Wide Variety of Topics

Who We Are: We run one of the busiest Surf Camps in Central America, with multiple business units: A Beachfront Hotel, Two Restaurants, A Surf Shop, Surf Tours and Lessons. We make and sell many of our own surf related products: surfboards, tee shirts, rash-guards, and hats. We also have a whole other division developing an Organic Farm and distributing produce and packaged food products.

A Few Recent Research Examples: “Sourcing surfboard blanks made from recycled or excess foam.” “Best (most humane, sanitary, efficient) methods and equipment to kill, pluck, butcher, package, and transport chicken.” “Cost effective and durable Audio-Video Systems for open-air parts of the resort” “Setting up Commercial-Grade bottling for BBQ Sauce on a small scale.”

Why we need Freelance Researchers: We make strategic, business, and financial decisions every day based on the best information we can get, and even “simple” questions can become more complicated in our context. Supplies, materials, and skills need to be researched, sourced and imported, sometimes translated into Spanish, adjusted for our weather and climate, etc. With proper information we can maintain multiple physical assets: vehicles, boats, buildings, water treatment plant…and a range of complex systems; reservations, tour scheduling, video security, AV, management and accounting software. We need Freelance Researchers to help provide us with intelligent research so we can do our jobs better. We are aware that one researcher may not be able to help us with everything, so this posting may lead us to working with several freelancers.

Who You Are: Intellectual curiosity a must. English as a first language, Spanish speaking a plus. Ability to aggregate large amounts of raw data, and distill it down, organize, summarize, and present it in written, spreadsheet, visual, or other forms. Time available to work on some quick projects, some more complex. You know your way around the Internet (and not just facebook).

How To Apply: This is a contractual job position that you can do from home on your computer.  Email us at


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