Old school WRSC photo – no buildings along the Tamarindo skyline!

I have a hard time believing that Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has been operating for more than ten years, I feel like we just arrived here in that old school bus only yesterday… Tamarindo was a lonely dirt road, there were no tall buildings, no internet, and everyone told us that we were “outside of town”!

Now, in 2011, WRSC is in the middle of town. We have paved roads, high speed internet, private schools, an international airport an hour away, a new hospital being built, and so on.  Tamarindo is still a quaint little town, but yes it has grown! For those of you who remember WRSC back in the day, check out the photo taken out in front of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp during a surf lesson circa 2003:

Tamarindo, Costa Rica - circa 2003

Ricardo and Johan were two of our surf instructors back then. In the background you can’t see a single building or high-rise. The only structure was Cabinas Dolly, which was sadly torn down by the municipality a couple of years later.

Running across old photos like this puts a smile on my face. Tamarindo has been our home for many years, and will continue to be for many more years to come. We have always felt lucky to be here. We welcome you to experience it, you will see why we stayed. If you haven’t been to Tamarindo for a long time, you should check back in, this place is pretty sweet ;)

pura vida,
Joe Walsh

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