Another Robert August Surfboard Giveaway (Bookings made May 1st – 31st)

It’s time to get YOUR hands (or feet I should say) on a piece of surf history. Even at his ripe age of 74, Robert August continues to produce some of the best surfboards in the world. If you’ve been contemplating a surf trip but your not sure when to pull the trigger, booking this May could pay serious dividends.

We will select the winner on June 1st after all reservations have been made. You don’t have to come in May; you just need to call us and confirm your reservation (for whenever) between May 1st and May 31st. As for the board, pick any board that we currently have in stock. We’ve got over 25 brand new Robert August boards in the surf shop that you can choose from. Just FYI, this deal is not for retroactive trips. Only trips booked within the time span are eligible to win.

Don’t think it’s worth it? Just look at the genuine smiles of these faces when they first see their new Robert August wave craft.

Contact us now to make your reservation. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get selected but you still get an epic surf trip out of it.

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