Special thanks to Rafa Sandoval

A big PURA VIDA to WRSC Senior Photographer Rafa Sandoval. Rafa has been with Witch’s Rock Surf Camp for almost five years. In this time he has learned to be an excellent photographer, a solid surf guide, and an asset to our Guest Relations department. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is very lucky to have Rafa on our team.

Here’s an email we just received this morning from a recent guest:

“Hola, please pass this message to Rafael.

Rafa, I must say the pics you took totally rocked. I really didn’t appreciate them until I got home. You are so my hero and made me look so good. All my bros are like “no way!”

Thanks again for hooking me up, you are definitely another good reason to stay at WRSC. Tell Joe I said that!
Pura vida and all the best,


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