Witch’s Rock Employee Profile: David Torres, Lead Surf Guide


Introducing David Torres, Lead Surf Guide for Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

David is such a great guy, I really can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a 13-year veteran employee at the surf camp. He started off working in the board cage and graduated to guiding surf tours a couple of years later.

David’s demeanor is relaxed and easy going. He’s always stoked to find the best surf conditions, and he’s always sharing the best set waves with others. Let’s not forget to mention that he totally rips.

If you book a surf tour package at the camp, David will be the guy to dial you into world class waves.

David Torres, Lead Surf Guide at Witch's Rock Surf Camp

So how exactly did you start working at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?
I started working for WRSC in the board cage back in 2006. A friend that was working at the camp at the time told me about the job opening, I applied, and luckily I was hired.

The funny thing is that ever since I moved to Tamarindo I had wanted to work at WRSC but I was under age. Finally the opportunity came along when I was legal to work at the age of 18, and ever since then I’ve been part of Witch’s Rock.

How did you first get into surfing?

My neighborhood friends in Liberia were the ones that got me hooked. They were all older than me and started taking me to Camaronal to surf. 

This was very tough for me in the beginning, since those waves weren’t beginner waves at all. But it was all about challenging myself to overcome my fear and be where I am today.

What kind of surfer are you? How would you describe your style of surfing?
I consider myself low profile, very calm and always friendly with everyone in the water. I like to be active, not competitive. I just want to enjoy the ride.

What surfboard are you riding right now? Dimensions?
Right now I’m riding a 5’8″ Lost, it’s 18 1/4″ wide and  2 1/8″ thick.

Do you have a favorite surfboard shaper/company?
My overall favorite board is DHD Surboards in Australia, the shaper is Darren Handley

What’s your favorite surf spot in Guanacaste?
Ostional and Camaronal.

What are the biggest waves you’ve surfed in Costa Rica?
El Golfo (the outer reef), close to Avellanas beach. The wave was approximately 5 meters high.

Do you have a favorite professional surfer? 
Yes, Mick Fanning.

What local surfer in the Tamarindo area is surfing really well right now?
Tomas King. He’s a local from Tamarindo who’s now a pro surfer.

Can you give us any tips on how to rip at surfing like you do?
The advice I can give would be to get a good night sleep, have a healthy diet, exercise daily, wake up early, and have patience.

What advice can you give to tourist surfers that want to go surfing in Costa Rica? 
Everyone that comes to Costa Rica to surf MUST surf Ollie’s Point. It’s the most perfect wave in the entire country.


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