Witch’s Rock Solo Mission! Discovering the benefits of traveling alone…

Solo Travelers are some of our biggest fans… From the initial moment of booking a trip, to the final journey back to your doorstep, single travelers seem to always bring home genuinely rewarding experiences, both internally and externally. And no worries, if you have a mild phobia of taking this leap of faith by yourself (you’re not the only one) Witch’s Rock is here to alleviate some of the stress on your next solo vacation.



Here are just some of the beneficial reasons of why a WRSC solo mission could be one the most rewarding vacations of your life.


Plan your own itinerary. Do what you want, when you want. You’re in charge of your own destiny. Forget the 30 min discussion on where to go for dinner; that taco truck will do just fine. Waves looking fun right out front? No deliberation..just go!



Make some new amigos! Without the comfort of the same old friends and repetitive conversation topics, traveling alone will force you to branch out and discover someone’s new energy. Everyone at Witch’s Rock is here for the same reason so finding like minded people shouldn’t take longer than your first round at El Vaquero.

single traveler meet friends


If you fall, no one will notice. This benefit correlates to more than just your uber Wipeout. All solo voyages will generally result in a few minor errors. And when these situations occurs, you won’t have to deal with  everyone in your group pointing finger. Shake it off and forget about it.

Some miscalculations are harder to shake off than others..
Some miscalculations are harder to shake off than others..


Gain Confidence. With any vacation, no matter how well planned, you will always hit some unexpected speed-bumps. And by facing these situations head on, you will gain more confidence in yourself and come out feeling stronger, braver, and wiser. If you really get yourself in a bind, don’t forget about the Witch’s Rock family; we are here to help :)



Learn something new about yourself. When you are in a brand new place with brand new people, you can completely give up your pre-existing “labels”, and project whatever type of energy you want. Usually the shy guy/girl? Use the solo trip to break out of your shell and release undiscovered parts of your personality.

single travler yoga



And the truth is, single travelers have more fun! You can live spontaneously, choose your own activities, hangout with whomever you want, and there is no one by you side complaining or criticizing; YOU are in control.



And here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, we have plenty of accommodations for your next solo mission. Ask for the Shared Room, Tiki Room, or Tiki Balcony Room. All are among the favorites of our single travelers.


Shared Room
WRSC Shared Room




Tiki Room
Tiki Room looking out







Insider tip, the Male and Female shared rooms start at just $826 per week!


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