WRSC New Clothing Line

We got a new line on the line looking fine.
Stop by any time!

If you keep getting distracted looking at the peeling wave in the background, that’s OK. So did we. In fact, the surf got so good during this shoot that we busted it out as fast as we could
and hit the water!
After years of too many “Dude Designs” we finally have some cute girl stuff, and they have been a big hit! In fact, we need to re-order these tank-tops and rashguards already, so if you want one now, don’t snooze.

Joe has been scouring tradeshows and suppliers in Costa Rica and the US for years trying to find the perfect tee shirt,
and he’s found it: Lightweight 4.3 oz, 100% cotton, slim-fit, with a small soft collar…these are definitely the nicest tees we’ve ever had.

Recurring themes at WRSC: Paradise and Pirates. Always relevant when living here. Never seems to get old! Arrgh.

We are going to launch a small online store soon, we swear! But in the meantime, we have stuff in stock right now and we can do it Old-School: Call us at 1 888 318 SURF or e-mail witchsrocksurfcamp@gmail.com and we can take your credit card over the phone and send tees via certified Costa Rican Mail (which has gotten quite reliable over the years, is pretty quick, and not expensive. One tee shirt would be $12 to mail.)
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