Employee Spotlight | Freedom Rosalda

No one shines quite like Freedom. If you’ve enjoyed a Big Ass Nachos at El Vaquero, it’s likely you’ve been served by the one and only, Freedom Rosalda. Originally from the Philippines, Freedom is one of the longest standing employees at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and literally a friend to everyone. In fact, the best party in town is at Freedom’s house as he loves hosting birthday parties for the Witch’s Rock employees and serves up authentic Asian dishes from his home country.

How did you end up in Costa Rica?

Way back in March of 2003 I first arrived in tourist visa to Costa Rica and met a a Filipino chef in San Jose who is my mentor and executive chef of Sakura restaurant . He taught me how to make Japanese food and allowed me to stay in his house and work with him. He taught me how to make authentic Japanese food and sushi

What is your position at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp?  

Right night I am part of the wait staff at El Bar Vaquero.

How long have you been working at WRSC? 

I worked en Eat at Joe’s for 5 years between 2006 and 2011 as waiter and sushi chef. Then in 2014 I worked again in Eat at Joe’s as a full time sushi chef because I went to the Philippines for a few year. Then starting in 2016 until now,  I’m working in waiting staff team at El Vaquero.

What is your favorite time of year to be in Tamarindo? 

My favorite time of the year in Tamarindo is all year round..During dry summer season it’s good for us with a lot clients and easy time to meet new people and old time friends. The rainy means time to relax in a green tropical paradise. It’s ourr vacation time and wait for the next high season.

What guest(s) do you remember most? 

I love guests who are always smiling, friendly and appreciate our work. I always remember Danny Mitchell and Michael Oldani; they are here almost every year and I’ve known them since 2007. Such a great crew. There are a lot of clients that become out friends.

Have you ever tried surfing?

I tried to surf way back 2007. It’s so much fun.. If I surfed every day maybe I could be one of your surf instructors today hahaha… I always admired our surf instructors; they do a really good job..

What makes working at WR special? 

Working in WR is like choosing your job you love so you don’t feel you’re working at all. In WR is like working in Paradise not only the place at the beauty of people working on it.. Nice Bosses and Managers to work with. Fun Place to work and learn. I’ve been working in the different places and Big Hotel, WR is the best. Joe and Holly manage it truly great. They are one of humble people I’ve ever met. They are like ordinary people always smiling and greeting at you all the time. I’ve met them 2006 and their smile is the same. They treat you like family. WR is Family away from Home.

How do you like to spend your time outside of Witch’s Rock?

On my day off, I always go to beach with my wife and some friends with beers in our hand with my big bluetooth speaker.. Some time we watch movie together.

What’s your favorite menu item at El Vaquero?

Nachos as Big as your ass because it’s name is true. Big and Delicious… And wings of course, my comfort food.. My mouth is watering right now..

Want to get down here yourself and tell Freedom how awesome and appreciated he is? Contact us at 1-888-318-7873 to set up your next surf trip. Pura Vida!


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