Speaking the Lingo: 3 Tips for Good Conversation while Traveling in Costa Rica


Have you ever noticed that a lot of people seem to have an over-generalized understanding of Latin American culture? Like when person A says, “… most of last year I was in Costa Rica surfing and studying spanish…”, to which person B will respond, “Great! I’ve always wanted to travel to Peru or Guatamala…” It’s as if all of Latin America blends together by being spanish speaking, which is weird because (more…)

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Rocking Hump-Day YouTube Clips: Dusty Payne, Andy Irons, Witch’s & Ollie’s

Picture yourself in a dream.


Is the work week dragging on? Are you ready for it to be Saturday already?

The good news is that we’re just about half-way through the week and can see the weekend on the horizon. The bad news is that if you’re reading this right now, you’re sitting in front of a computer or checking out your iPhone and not in the water surfing.

YouTube has given a whole new meaning to mind-surfing, which is the next best thing if you can’t actually be in the water. (more…)

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Here’s What You Missed If You’re Not Signed Up for the Newsletter


As many of you already know, we sent out a newsletter this past Saturday. Because we have so much cool stuff going on right now, I wanted to pass along some of the key tidbits for those who aren’t yet signed up.

Here we go…

JetBlue Announces JFK to Liberia DIRECT: Wow…I can’t say enough about how excited this makes us. We touched on this in a recent blog post, but the news that JetBlue has made Liberia it’s 70th official destination is big for the WRSC family. We have a lot of friends from New York and (more…)

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New York to Costa Rica: JetBlue Announces Direct Flights to Liberia


The typically low-cost airline JetBlue recently announced its 70th regularly scheduled destination, and this is one that we’re particularly excited about.

Beginning on Nov. 17th of this year, JetBlue will begin offering 4 weekly direct flights from JFK Int’l in New York to Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica. The Liberia airport is just a short drive away from Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, so this is clearly big news for all of the WRSC family and friends. And while this directly benefits our friends in New York (you know who you are!), this also makes (more…)

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